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Activities of Urdu Academy can be broadly classified in the following categories:-
  1. Publication of books, reprint of old books regarding Art and Culture of Delhi, Magazine and translation of books etc.
  2. Research Work.
  3. Seminars, Drama Festival, Sponsorship to Literary & Cultural Organizations.
  4. Award & Prizes for literary excellence, Monthly  Financial Assistance to aged needy Writers/Poets or their dependents.
  5. Mushairas.
  6. Development of Urdu Language.
  7. Promotion and propagation of literary activities.
  8. Teaching Scheme.
  9. To organize programmes with other language Academics.
  10. Urdu Literacy Centers.
  11. Establishment National Urdu  Library.
All the above schemes are reviewed by the Governing Council/Executive Committee of Academy from time to time keeping in view of the requirement.