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        Urdu Language was born out of the Indian soil. Urdu poetry, in a great measure, inspired millions to make sacrifices in the long drawn out freedom struggle and it remained most popular language for centuries together. Unfortunately after Independence Urdu language lost its status slowly due to various reasons. Therefore, there was a long felt need to have an apex body to preserve and nurture the rich heritage of Urdu language.  With these objectives in view the then Delhi Administration established Urdu Academy in May, 1981 under the Chairmanship of Lt. Governor of Delhi for the promotion, propagation and development of Urdu language and culture as an integral part of Delhi. With the passage of time the Academy has made its identity as a premier Urdu literary, cultural and educational institution in Delhi. Ever since its inception, the Academy has been implementing all its schemes with certain improvements every year. The Academy has been playing a catalytic role in the promotion of the lingual, literary and cultural activities in Urdu world.

Legislative Assembly has passed Delhi Official Language Bill 2000 giving Urdu language as the status of IInd official language of Delhi"