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  • Monthly Magazines

The Urdu Academy brings out two monthly periodicals titled "Aiwan-e-Urdu" and "Bachchon Ka Mahanama Umang". Publication of these magazines was started in 1987. Now, about 12000 copies of both magazines are circulated every month. Articles and items for these magazines are received from the noted writers, poets, cartoonists of Delhi and other parts of country. This is a regular feature. Academy also brings out special numbers on different occasions. These magazines are sold at a subsidized rate. The subsidized rates of "Aiwan-e-Urdu Delhi" and "Bachchon Ka Mahnama Umang" are Rs. 15/- & Rs. 8/- per copy and annual subscription is Rs. 150/- &  Rs. 80/- respectively.

  • Publication

Urdu Academy publishes new books every year on various subjects viz. History and Culture of Delhi, come out of symposia/seminars, Books on great personalities, Children literature and a lot of reference books. Some out of print books have been edited afresh by the Academy, subject to their demand.So for Academy has also Published about 200 books under this scheme. The Academy has also published 30 monographs on classical poets and writers.  These books are sold at subsidized rates. Academy also undertakes the work of translation of Classic Books from other languages into Urdu. In addition, Academy is the Sole Distributor of N.C.E.R.T.'s Urdu Text Books for North India.

  • Subsidy to Authors for publishing manuscript

With the introduction of electronic media, the habit of reading books is dwindling in general and Urdu language in particular. It is becoming increasingly difficult to sellout books of creative literature.  Academy extends financial assistance to writers for publishing their creative literature. The applications are invited from prospective writers alongwith manuscripts which are scrutinized by experts.. Financial assistance is granted to a tune of Rs.20,000/- or 85% of the cost of publication according to Academy's approved rates which ever is less.

  • Book Fair

The Academy is a renowned publishing house also. The Academy has published more than 200 titles so far. For the promotion of language and sale of books, it is necessary to participate in the Book Fairs which are organised in all over India from time to time. This is a regular feature. The Academy participate in World Book Fair, Delhi Book Fair and Urdu Book Fair etc. in all over the country.

  • Seminar

 The Academy has made a significant contribution towards creating a mass consciousness among the masses by holding seminars and literary get-together on various subjects and personalities. The proceedings of these seminars are published by the academy for the benefit of Scholars and Researchers and associates.

  • Nai Puraney Chiragh

Every year, Academy organizes a three day literary gathering in which Urdu Poets and scholars Seniors and Juniors) present their papers, short-stories and poems. This is a very very popular programme in which upcoming writers, poets, scholars get opportunity to present their caliber.


  • Urdu Drama Festival/Children's Theatre Workshop

 To depict the composite lingual culture of Delhi, Urdu Academy started Urdu Drama Festival in the year 1988. The Academy stages Urdu Dramas in Urdu Drama Festival every year. More and more drama troupes are coming forward now to stage Urdu Drama on a variety of topics such as social inequality, students problems, terrorism, the old culture of Delhi etc. Academy also conducts its own Theatre Workshop for Children every year.

  • Sponsorship to Literary and Cultural Organizations

The Academy has a scheme to provide financial assistance/ sponsorship  to Literary, Social and Cultural Organisations(NGOs) for organising Mushairas, Qawwalis, Ghazal Programmes and other Literary Evenings, etc. in Delhi. This assistance is provided to the organisations in the shape of booking of auditorium, or providing artists/ Poets/ Writers or publishing advertisements. 

  • Annual Award

 The Academy honours  renowned writers, poets and journalists of Delhi for their outstanding contribution in the promotion and development of Urdu language and literature. The Academy give away 8 Annual Awards to the prominent, literary personalities of Urdu World out of these 8 one award is on All India basis. The Chairperson, Urdu Academy, finally approves names of such personalities. Each award carries a prescribed amount as under:-


S.No Name of Award Amount
All India Bahadur Shah Zafar Award
Rs.1.50 Lac
Pt. Datataria Kaifi Award
Rs. 1.50 Lac
Award for Creative Writing (Prose)
Rs. 50,000/-
Award for Urdu Poetry
Rs. 50,000/-
Award for Criticism 
Rs. 50,000/-
Award for Media (Print/ Electronic)
Rs. 50,000/-
Award for Translation/ Children Lit./ Science Lit.
Rs. 50,000/-
Award for Humour & Satire/ Darama & Other Performing Arts related to Urdu.
Rs. 50,000/-
  • Prizes on books

The Academy gives prizes on books to writers and publishers. The Academy invites books from the writers and publishers, published in a particular year. After vetting by experts their reports are placed before the Award Sub Committee and E.C. for decision. There are approximately 15/20 prizes. Each prize carries a prescribed amount as under:-


Ist Prize
IInd Prize
An Award entitled "Munshi Nawal Kishore Award" of Rs.10,000/- is given to one or two Best Publishers of the year.
  • Pension

The Academy provides monthly financial assistance to old and needy writers or their nearest dependent relatives also. Each pensioner get a Pension of Rs.5000/-  to first party and Rs.3000/- to dependents per month. Names of the Pensioners are selected in the concerned Sub Committee and Executive Committee.

  • Mushairas

In order to preserve and promote the rich literary, composite and cultural heritage of Urdu language. The Academy organises Mushairas. Mushaira is one of the big events organised by this Academy. Under this scheme  The academy organise  "Republic Day Mushaira" , "Independence Day Mushaira", "Teachers' Day Mushaira" , "Khawateen Ka Mushaira" National Integration Mushaira etc . All these Mushairas are big events. Poets are paid remuneration at the rates approved by the concerned Sub Committee and Executive Committee of Urdu Academy. 

Prizes to Toppers of Universities and C.B.S.E. & Other Boards of Delhi



Ist Position
IInd Position
IIIrd Position


Sr. Secondary (Urdu Core)


Sr. Secondary (Urdu Elective)


E.T.E (Urdu)


B.Ed (Urdu)


B.A (Hons) Urdu



M.A (Urdu)

Rs. 4000/-




M.Phil (Urdu)

Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 3000/-


  • Educational Competitions and Prizes


Every year Urdu Academy organizes Educational Competition such as "Essay Writing", "Debate", "Quiz Context", "Qawwali", "Ghazal" and "Umang Painting Competition" etc. for the students of Primary to Sr. Secondary level of Delhi. About 1400 students participate in these competitions and about 200 to 225 students get the Cash Prize, Academy's Memento and Certificate every year. First three position holders in these competitions are given Cash Prize, along with Shield/Memento and Certificate as detailed as under:-

  Ist Prize IInd Prize IIIrd Prize Consolation
Team Prize Rs.2500/- Rs.2000/- Rs.1500/- Rs.1000/-
Individual Prize Rs.1500/- Rs.1000/- Rs.750/- Rs.500/-

Umang Painting Competition (Junior & Senior Level)

Ist Prize
Rs. 1500/- each section
IInd Prize
Rs. 1000/- each section
IIIrd Prize
Rs. 750/- each section.
Rs. 500/- (15 Prizes each section).
  • Urdu Certificate Course Centre

To promote and propagate Urdu and to cater to the need of Delhi's Govt. offices, the Academy has established 10 centers. The students who join this course are from different walks of life such as Govt. servants, artists, lawyers, doctors, police personnel and journalists  etc. At present, over 1500 learners are enrolled in these 10 centers. First three position holders of each center in Certificate and Diploma Course are given prizes as holders of each center in Certificate and Diploma Course are given prizes as under:-


Ist Position
IInd Position
IIIrd Position
  • Urdu Coaching Classes

The Academy provides Instructors/Teachers to various Urdu Coaching Centres of Delhi. This is regular feature. Acadmy provide facility for coaching to the aspirants of admission in E.T.E & B.Ed. courses (Urdu).
  • Urdu literacy centres 

 The Academy has launched a scheme for eradication of illiteracy under the National Policy on Education in 1988. Every year, the Academy  establish about 200 Urdu Literacy Centers in the various parts of Delhi in which about 4000 learners have been enrolled. This is a regular work to promote Urdu education amongst women and low-income group people. The Academy is providing Instructors, Books, Copies, Chalks, Black Boards, Daris, Pencils and Erasers etc. to the centres free of cost. A Committee of Experts drawn from State Resource Centre, J.M.I. which is functioning under Ministry of HRD, evaluates the working of the Literacy Centres annually. 100 toppers among the learners and 40 best Instructors are awarded with the cash prize of Rs.1500/- & Rs.1500/- respectively along with a certificate and memento in an Annual Function.

  • Joint Programmes with other Language Academies and deptt. of Delhi govt.

The Academy conducts cultural and literary programmes with other Language Academies and Govt. and Semi Govt. Deptt.

  • Urdu Academy's Dara Shikoh Library

The Academy is having a good Library especially for the Research Scholars. Academy purchases about 300 books  every year. At present, this Library have a precious collection of 38000 books. Academy intends to converts it into a National Urdu Library.

  • Newspaper Corners

The Academy has Newspaper Corners in Mohallas and Basti where the people are taking advantage of this scheme. This is a monthly regular work. At present, 39 Corners are established in various parts of Delhi.

  • Books and magazines supplies to School Libraries

The Academy supplies books and magazines useful for students and teachers of Urdu Schools free of cost. This is a regular feature.

In order to help the small newspapers, magazines, souvenirs of school and colleges of Delhi, the Academy provides complementary advertisements. This is a regular feature.

  • Urdu Calligraphy Training Centre

To preserve the dying art and heritage of Urdu language and literature, the Academy has established an Urdu Calligraphy Training Centre. The Academy provides training to 20 students every year. This scheme will be further improved by adding Computer Course to keep in pace with the current scenario.

  • Urdu computer  and Shorthand D.T.P. courses

The Academy also provides training of Urdu Computer Multilingual  D.T.P.  & Shorthand courses for one year so that the Urdu students can get employment

  • Teaching Programme in Schools (Full-time Teachers)

To supplement the efforts of Delhi Govt., Urdu Academy provided Full-time Teachers in Urdu schools from Primary level to Senior Secondary level. The teachers are engaged on part-time and purely ad-hoc basis for one academic session and are paid as per rate indicated below:-

Assistant Teacher
Rs. 29,610/-
These teachers are provided to the Directorate of educations schools on the requisition of school authorities. Presently 95 Part-time Teachers are provided in such schools.
  • Urdu Heritage Festival

The Academy organizes five days Urdu Heritage Festival at Red Fort lawns in the month of October/ November every year. Besides, various exhibitions and entertainment, the academy organized Ghazal Programme, Qawwali Programme and Mushaira in which renowned artists and poets of the country were present their programmes. This year Heritage Festival was not organize due to Election.